Sing Sweet Barbara - Collection 1966-1990

On l'aura compris : j'ai un faible pour les chanteuses de jazz et autres voix sublîmes qui cascadent entre pop, swing et... vaudou (si, si). Après la discrète Vi Velasco voici la plus connue Barbara Moore, dont l'album "Vocal Shades & tones", chez DeWolfe Library, fait toujours un tabac auprès des collectionneurs de rare grooves. Le disque ici rippé est une compilation-hommage d'admirateurs, éditée par un label japonais qui a récupéré des raretés (ci-dessous) où la douce Barbara avait posé ses vocalises inimitables. J'ai choisi de vous faire découvrir quelques titres extraits d'autres albums que son grand classique, hormis Hot Heels qui reste bien sûr un must. Voici donc :
Hot Heels paru dans Vocal Shades & tones en 1972.
Take it easy et Walk about, parus dans l'album Swing like B de Stan Butcher en 1967 ;
Busy, paru dans l'album Something cool, de Voices in Latin en 1968.
Going on Holiday, Bright & Shining, Voice over sax, Real thing et Smooth and soft, parus dans l'album Bright & Shining, pour Sylvester Library en 1981.

It is not a secret : Martian Shaker likes vocal jazz and hip ladies with voices that soars and cascades between swing, voodoo and pop. So after the discreet Vi Velasco, let me introduce Barbara Moore, famous vocalist for several library label, in the DeWolfe library sessions and especially with "Vocal shades & tones", cut in 1972. Here is a new batch of rare grooves with Barbara, compiled by japanese label EM Records. Opening with the jazzy "Hot Heels", resplendent with some soaring, harmonising jazz scat vocals, you will discover unknown material from the album "Swing like B" by Stan Butcher, "Something cool" by Voices in Latin, and "Bright & Shining", for Sylvester Library.

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David Bruce a dit…

Thank you, so much, for the Barbara Moore (once Rapidshare allows me, that is). Sorry, only speak English, but please know I appreciate your sharing. Merci... David

Sounds a dit…

Yes I'm a fan of barbara Moore too
Merci Beacoup :)

A La Piscine a dit…



I just discovered your blog and wanted to say thanks so much for all the great shares! I really enjoyed this Barbara Moore record.

Anonyme a dit…

Hello, thanks for this collection, it represents really nice musical cut. Would it be possible to upload it whole, 2CD with all the tracks, please?

Martian Shaker a dit…

Sorry, I decided not to share full CD albums.

Anonyme a dit…


I have tried to find this selection at least several times, but every time with the same reults - unavailable. I regret it, because I really love vocal-jazz, harmony groups, etc. and there are about four releases with her participation, I own. This one would be nice conclusion of my efforts to collect her material, but unfortunately, I've found out you share just fragment of the whole 2CD tracklist. I said "What a pity", but thanks leastwise for that. I would be pleased, you could contact me on this email address (i2san@atlas.cz) for better communication. Thank you anyway and good bye.


Anonyme a dit…

Hello, sorry for my annoyance, but I just would like to tell you, that this 2CD collection (I suppose) with Moore's production is simply an amazing, so please, I would like to apply to you, could you replace that primary link with incomplete fragment of album with the whole collection released on EM records? Yes, I know, really cheeky request, but I think, many people would appreciate it and I am heavily interested in her scatty vocal gentle sound, so once again, please.

Thank you,