Dudley Moore - Bedazzled B.O. / O.S.T.

"Non content d'être acteur, Duddley Moore nous prouve ses talents de compositeur avec ce score sublime pour une comédie sixties anglaise dans laquelle il joue aux côtés de Raquel Welch. Musicalement, on tient l'alchimie parfaite entre la classe du jazz et la folie de la pop. Les thèmes rivalisent d'énergie et d'humour et nous plongent dans une douce euphorie acidulée. Cette musique à l'évidence des chefs-d'oeuvre et le parfum des moments rares. On croise l'ombre de Bacharach (Strip Club) et de Barry (Italy) avant de surprendre une chorale de nonnes sous acide (The Leaping Nuns' Chorus). La chanson titre Bedazzled, délicieusement hautaine, vous fera fondre de plaisir. Une telle mélodie mérite le respect le plus profond. Un témoignage bien vivant et terriblement raffraichissant sur les swinging sixties anglaises."
Source Scopia/Le Chiffre.

BEDAZZLED Dudley Moore
Decca - London - Réédition Harkit Records / 1967

Difficult to find now, but hugely rewarding, are the early Dudley Moore Trio LPs. Moore, a musical prodigy, attended the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and Magdalen College, Oxford University. He left school to perform as part of the Johnny Dankworth Seven and tour the United States with the Vic Lewis Band. By the late 1950s he had established himself as a first-rate jazz pianist and entered into a long collaborative partnership with Peter Cook. In the Sixties he formed the acclaimed Dudley Moore Trio who performed regularly on British TV, made numerous recordings, and had a long-running residency at Cook's Establishment Club. The Trio's Bedazzled soundtrack is not only one of the greatest ever film theme albums but also a genuine masterpiece of 60s elevator lite-jazz orchestration in the Oscar Petersen/Bill Evans Trio mould. A sublime mix of groovy 1960s pop, weird effects and vocals ('Bedazzled', 'Love Me'), lounge jazz numbers and groovy uptempo cuts, this album scores on all counts.

En écoute la face B
B side - Rip access

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hank a dit…

I've been trying to get a copy of the CD release for years. Any chance you could post the A side as well?

hank a dit…

Thanks again for the B side. Any chance you could post the A side as well?

David Federman a dit…

How wonderful to bump into your blog after seeing "Bedazzled" in high-def on TV. The Faust story has never been told more devilishly. I found myself laughing so hard I thought I would need oxygen. This is so much better an approach than "Rosemary's Baby" of around the same time. Great site, by the way. I'll put you on my daily rounds of the blogosphere.