The Dave Pike Set - Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise

"Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise", édité en 1969 pour MPS, m'apparaît, comparativement à Manhattan Latin, autrement plus achevé. Dave Pike poussait un peu plus loin ses explorations de vibraphone dans une voie jazz funk, avec en accompagnement un énorme jeu de guitare et de sitar assurés par Volker Kriegel. La formation européenne de Dave Pike paie son tribut à la tendance psychédélique de l'époque et le résultat est là : vigoureux, créatif, équilibré, plein d'échappées groovy. Au-delà du cultissime 'Mathar", emblématique de l'indo-jazz, découvrez sa réinterprétation de "Mother people" de Frank Zappa, ou le séminal "Walkin' Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg".

A1 I'm On My Way (4:37)
A2 Regards From Freddie Horowitz (4:40)
A3 Somewhat, Somewhere, Somehow (4:40)
A4 Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise (5:38)
B1 Mother People (4:21)
B2 Mathar (3:36)
B3 Vian-De (3:21)
B4 Teaming Up (3:45)
B5 Walkin' Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg (3:28)

"Noisy Silence - Gentle Noise", released in 1969 (MPS 15215), was a further exploration into funky jazz with brilliant guitar work and Indian influences. The Dave Pike Set didn't escape the psychedelic influence of that era and as a result the band covered Frank Zappa's 'Mother People' and the Psychedelic Jazz sound of 'Mathar' was carefully crafted.
Funky vibes, electric sitar, and a madly tripped-out album -- one of the best of the MPS psychedelic jazz sessions from the end of the 60s! Back in the US, Dave Pike was always a pretty straight vibist -- but he's working here with his European combo that included the legendary Volker Kriegel -- who plays both electric guitar and sitar on the record, giving it a really groovy "Eastern" sort of vibe! Drummer Peter Baumeister kicks the bottom of the set mightily -- rolling in a modal groove one minute, picking up a heavier funk approach the next -- and always inspiring the rest of the group to stretch out in the grooviest way possible. Tracks are shortish, but filled with great sonic touches -- and titles include the legendary "Mathar", a well known bit of sitar funk -- plus the tracks "Mother People", "I'm On My Way", "Regards From Freddie Horowitz", and "Walkin' Down The Highway In A Red Raw Egg".

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Pepe a dit…

Groovy and psychedelic! This one is fun. Your blog is full of surprises, Martian. And quality mp3s. One clearly hears Dave singing along his playing. Keep vibing!

1Surfrider a dit…

Tahnks for this, love the whole soul-jazz thing.

Keep it up!

OldVinyl a dit…

I like the sound of this one, very interesting too.