Willie Henderson & The Soul Explosions - Funky Chicken

Très bonne cuvée de funk sur les brisées des J&B's, avec une section de cuivres et des percus bien pêchus, des voix excitées à la Bar-Kays, des choeurs de funkettes délurées qui jouent les répons à Willie Henderson (chanteur et arrangeur chicagoan), quelques titres préfigurant le disco naissant (Break Your Back, Dance Master) ; ajoutez à l'ensemble une bonne dose d'humour, des bruitages de bassse-cour pour l'éponyme Funky Chicken : Funky Chicken... En un mot : les seventies afro-américaines comme si vous y étiez.

A massively-expanded version of Willie Henderson's Funky Chicken album -- with some great bonus tracks! The original record is killer work from one of the funkiest leaders on the Chicago scene -- the force behind some of the city's greatest soul tracks and funky 45s to come out of the Windy City! The set stands like a stack of lost funky nuggets laid back to back -- with lots and lots of bass-heavy grooving from the band, and plenty of instrumental riffing on guitar and horns! Most tracks are instrumental, but often feature some nice shouted or spoken bits -- and the whole thing's stuffed to the rafters with great breaks, beats, and grooves! Titles include "Funky Chicken (parts 1 & 2)", "Off Into A Black Thing", "Soulful Football", "Sugar Sugar", "Can I Change My Mind", and "Is It Something You Got". Plus, this version expands past the original lineup, to include a 2 part previously unissued "Untitled Instrumental" and the singles "Break Your Back" and "Dance Master"!
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