Kissing the Pink - Naked

Voici ma seule (mais formidable) trouvaille de vide-grenier de dimanche dernier : Kissing the Pink, une de ces constellations mineures à l'écart du trou noir esthétique que représentait le courant new wave dans les années 80. Ce groupe anglais brille d'un éclat particulier, avec son violon et son saxophone, sa guitare aux accents floydiens, qui annonçaient d'étranges métissages, inouïs à l'époque. Les titres de Naked m'avaient scotché en 1983 et n'ont pas pris une ride. En écoute le tubesque "The Big Man Restless" (emprunté chez RHO - merci !), de la trempe de Planet Claire, taillé pour les dancefloors.

Kissing the Pink was formed in 1980 at the Royal College of Music in London, England. All of the members lived together in the same house in North London. Comprised of Nick Whitecross (vocals, guitars), Jon Kingsley Hall (keyboards, vocals), Peter Barnett (bass, violin, vocals), Simon Aldridge (guitars, vocals), Stephen Cusack (drums, vocals), George Stewart (keyboards, vocals), and Josephine Wells (saxophone, vocals). Their first single was "Don't Hide in the Shadows", made with Martin Hannett, but it wasn't until they signed with Magnet Records that they began to get any airplay. They recorded their first album in AIR studios with producer Colin Thurston, Kissing the Pink had wanted Brian Eno to produce the album but Magnet thought Thurston would make a more commercial impact. Kissing the Pink released their first album, Naked, in 1983.
The album, Naked, didn't sell a lot of copies but was a favourite with the college crowd, the sheer variety of songs on the album made the album too hard to classify, and thus it was largely ignored.

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