Jay glaze & Pro-celebrity Golf - Three sinister syllables

Vous vous souvenez de Tape Beatles, de Negativland (années 80) ? euuhh, ou bien du patchwork de samples obscurs des 45 Midgets, dans ma notule de Juillet ... non ça ne vous dit rien ? Eh bien ces deux lascars de Manchester : Jay glaze & Pro-celebrity Golf nous offrent une longue pièce jubilatoire et du même tonneau. Trois Syllabes Sinistres est une arlequinade qui mêle art punk, avant groove. On y trouve un mélange rafraîchissant et imprévisible de vieux tubes de ABBA, Partridge Family, Barry White, Bee Gees, des bribes de hip hop, des beats de country western, des airs de latin jazz, de la pop suédoise, des perles d'Eurovision, des vieilles connaissances parfois... mais résistantes au blind test. C'est que ça va chercher loin dans les sixties & seventies, hors des sentiers battus ; donc tout ce qu'on aime chez Martian Shaker !

"Three Sinister Syllables" is a one-off project from two individuals from Manchester that respond to names of Pro Celebrity Golf and Jay Glaze. These two are basically mash-up or cut'n'paste artists along the lines of someone like John Oswald or The Tape Beatles. There are two major differences however. Firstly, they favour longer tracks as a form of expression, rather than the quick snap'n'paste that Oswald gets into. Secondly, they have an actual feeling for the beat. Every one of the eleven tracks on this record grooves. Who do they steal from, you ask. For starters, I caught extended glimpses of original ABBA, Partridge Family, Barry White, Bee Gees tracks thrown into this mad hip-hop, mash-up, groove-out break-your-back mix. But who the hell steals from Charles Mingus, I ask you? [Maybe, this is just a reflection of good taste, I suppose.] It's impossible to listen to this record with a straight face. The use of some 50's or 60's soundtracks and instructional records only add to the overall fun. A little scratching here, a lot of samples here, in the end, this is the most messed up shit to hit your speakers in a long time. If you delight in stolen machinations and like your samples thrown on fat and juicy, "Three Sinister Syllables" is definitely up your alley.

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