Old shells & New shores

The webdomadic playlist of Martian Shaker
Une nouvelle sélection de coquillages exotiques pour vos oreilles

Here is some old, classic stuff : Martin Denny, Sondi Sodsai, Dick Hyman, Milton Banana, Elza Soares ; and recent tracks of artists inspired by exotica : Luke Vibert & BJ Cole (with the haunting voice of Addie Brik, reminding of Yma Sumac or Bas Sheva), Sukia, and the asian master of ambient exotica, Haruomi Hosono. Enjoy !


2 commentaires:

Crazy Monkey a dit…

Hi There M.S. !!

Sadly this link: http://rapidshare.de/files/19796743/Exoticast2.mp3.html is actually broken....... (Old shells and new shores)

Could you repost it??? Would be amazing; what about some stuff from Sondi Sodsai and Paul Mark??

Thanks in advance, cheers!!

Martian Shaker a dit…

OK the two of Exoticast are reposted. Exception for 2008.